Courting us

Though I tend to lean left, I count myself among many that have found ourselves defining our political viewpoints as independent.  Which means I am among those that the two parties are courting for our vote come November.

I like to think that I’m an independent in the way that I view what I’d like in our President, and the majority party in both the Congress and the Senate, but I do have to qualify that as a father of 3 young women and 1 young man, I am hardly comfortable with what I’ve seen this year from the Republican Party.  I’m not sure how anyone that is a parent to a girl could be comfortable with the direction the Republican party is taking when it comes to women in this country – or in any country for that matter.

Yet as much as I might not be comfortable with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, I don’t really know if I’m going to be that much worse off after November should they win.  What I am feeling though is that my kids will be paying a heavy price should they win.

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