Why Best Buy will go the way of Borders

I used to love to go to Borders.  I knew what I would find there – books, and magazines.  I could see what was new in books, and find a magazine with some catchy article that would induce me into buying it.

There were like-minded people at Borders.  People that liked to look at books, read magazines, and be around other people that enjoyed reading.

But it all went away.  People were hanging around and not buying things.  It cost too much to have a brick and mortar store.

Now Best Buy is feeling the pinch, and they just closed down the store I bought a majority of my items from.  Best Buy knew this, and they sent an email offer to me for $10 off any purchase as long as it was at another Best Buy that remained open within 10 miles of the Best Buy store that closed.

It was a good deal, and I bit.  I used the coupon and purchased an item online.  I chose to pick up my purchase in the store nearest me, a store that I had come to dislike because of the poor customer service.

It had been a while since I received indifferent service from this store, but when I went to pick up my purchase two days ago, I was reminded why I haven’t liked buying things at that particular store.

I hate it when I don’t know if the transaction is over because the sale clerk doesn’t do or say anything.  That’s what happened on this past trip, the kid checking me out did nothing. No thank you, no acknowledgment, nothing.  I had to ask him if we were done and he just replied with an indifferent, “yeah”.

There’s more to it than what I’m writing here, but my post is just to report on how this particular Best Buy hires some of the worst sales people I’ve ever met – anywhere.  They’re poorly trained kids who have no incentive to provide a satisfying buying experience.  They’re killing time and doing the bare minimum for  the customer making a purchase.

For me, they closed the wrong store.  They should have closed the store I don’t like going to, and kept open the store that had the best sales people.

Best Buy you lose.  I’m looking for online shopping now, and I’ll go to the Best Buy store to look around – and probably will turn into one of those Borders customers… the ones who looked around and never bought anything in the store.

Best Buy may or may not close all their stores, but it sure seems like it is on its way to closing all of its stores… simply put, we’re just not going to take it anymore when it comes to a poor purchase experience, and that is going to keep us from buying at the store.

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